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Nanjing Facts

Nanjing is situated in the hilly areas of Nanjing and Zhenjiang in the lower reaches of Yangtze River,at 32:03N and 118:46E. It borders with the Yangtze River Delta to the east and the hilly areas of South Anhui to the west,adjacent to the water network of Taihu Lake in the south and the Jianghuai Plain in the north. With the "golden waterway" Yangtze River flowing through the city,it is 380km from the Yangtze River estuary to the sea,and about 300km to Shanghai,the largest city of China.

Administration Zones

Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province,now has under its jurisdiction eleven districts of Xuanwu,Baixia,Jianye,Gulou,Qinhuai,Xiaguan,Yuhuatai,Qixia,Jiangning,Luhe and Pukou and two counties of Lishui and Gaocun. The total area is 6598 square kilometers,including 4728 square kilometers as urban area,and its total population is 6.4 million.


Nanjing,an ancient capital of China,enjoys a worldwide reputation for its history and culture. Archaeological findings show that human ancestors lived in Nanjing area around 300,000 years ago,and primitive villages took shape 6000 years ago. These inhabitants were the original local people. From then on,people lived and multiplied in this area generation after generation.

In 472 B. C.,under Goujian (King of State Yue)'s order,a city historically called "Yue City" was built on the site of Rain Flower Terrace. That is the earliest record of city construction in Nanjing area,and by now it has a history of 2,470 years. During the Three Kingdoms Period,Dongwu (Eastern Wu) moved its capital to Nanjing - called "Jianye" then,in 229 A. D.. Thereafter,dynasties like Dongjin (Eastern Jin),Song,Qi,Liang,Chen,Nantang (Southern Tang - in Five Dynasties Period),Ming,Taiping Heavenly capital Kingdom and Republic of China in turn,established their capital here. In the past 1,700 years,Nanjing has achieved its fame as "an ancient capital of ten dynasties". Dynasties waxed and waned,thus left rich legacy of ancient times. Abundant historic relics date back to many stirring stories and epic legends of the past.

During Ming Dynasty,Nanjing got its present name for the first time. Over the long period of history,it had other names like Moling,Stone City,Jianye,Jiankang,Baixia,Shangyuan,Shenzhou,Jiangning,Jiqing,Yingtian and Tianjing. Its name might be different,yet the city itself kept being outstanding for its ancient history,brilliant culture,beautiful scenery and great achievements - therefore,it holds an important place in Chinese history.

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